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Black Mother in Omaha: ‘Can This Be Real?’

Posted, 11:17 p.m. — One day after Americans chose Barack Obama — a black man — as their next president, Omaha resident and mother of two boys Deborah Bridgman — a black woman — said this: “Oh, my God.  Can this be real?”

Omahan Deb Bridgman says she feels that her vote influenced history.  BRAD DAVIS/The Ballot Box

Omahan Deb Bridgman says she feels that her vote influenced history. BRAD DAVIS/The Ballot Box

Bridgman, who before the election said Obama’s ascent would open the eyes of African-Americans to the possibilities in their lives, voted along with 52 percent of her fellow Omaha residents for Obama.

The Douglas County Election Commissioner on Wednesday said his office still was counting 9,000 absentee ballots, and would not declare a winner in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District until possibly next week.

A majority of voters in Douglas County, which overlays the city of Omaha, voted for Obama, but residents of suburban Sapry County, which makes up a small, but not inconsequential, part of the 2nd District, chose John McCain.

The latest count showed Obama trailing McCain by 569 votes out of more than 250,000 cast.  Up for grabs is the Omaha area’s one electoral vote.

Whether or not Obama wins the 2nd District, Bridgman said her vote influenced history.

“It matters,” she said.

Before the election, Bridgman had purchased an Obama bumper sticker she affixed to her gray minivan.  It read: “African Americans for Obama.”

Wednesday, Bridgman took a Magic Marker to the sticker.

It now reads: “Americans for Obama.”



8th Graders Can’t Vote, But They Can Rally

8th graders from Holy Name of Jesus School rally for Obama on the Upper West Side

8th graders from Holy Name of Jesus School rally for Obama on the Upper West Side

Posted 7:33 p.m., NEW YORK – They can jump, dance, rap and sing, but they can’t vote. These are the 8th grade students from Holy Name of Jesus school, on the Upper West Side. The girls were seen on 95th and Broadway by passersby, chanting an impromptu rap, “Whose gonna lower your taxes? Obama, Obama, Obama!”

One of the girls, who had picked up an Obama-O’Donnell sign and waved it around to people in cars, was very enthusiastic about her contribution.

“Well we can’t vote, but we can do this to make a difference,” she said.

Election Day, Upper West Side, New York


St. Pete, Fla: Prominent Republican is Voting Obama

Posted 5:06 p.m. — Fazal Fazlin, a retired businessman and philanthropist from St. Petersburg, FL has been a longtime member and big donor to the Republican party, but this year he’s had a change of heart.

“I’m a Republican, but I think on the federal level I really got tired of President Bush’s policies in the world,” he said.

Fazlin, who is also a Muslim, feels that the attitude of the Republican party towards Muslims has put “him over the edge.” He said that especially in St. Petersburg, Muslims are leaning towards the Democratic party this year.

“I think the Republican party has energized the muslim party to vote for Obama,” he said.

Fazlin, whose main circle of friends are actually not Muslim, but a mix of people of all backgrounds, said that after he decided to vote for Obama, “many of them followed too.”

Fazlin, whose known in political circles in Florida to throw fundraisers at his estate, offered to use his home for a fundraiser for Obama.

“The more I met the man, the more I liked him,” he said.


Fazal Fazlin discusses his choice for President 2008

Video by Al-Jazeera English

Mortgage Crisis Is Voter Issue in Bucks County

NEWTOWN, PA 5:14 p.m. — Jenny Bahtimy has been a real estate agent in Bucks County for 19 years. Below she shares her insights into the depressed housing market and how it ties into her support of Barack Obama.

Please follow the link to see the slideshow. [Slideshow]


North Philly Obama Office

It was a busy day at North Philly Obama Office. The few volunteers at the storied building, situated on North Broad Street, worked the phones, targeting undecided voters or areas believed to be leaning towards McCain. Continue reading

Main Street, America

NEWTOWN, PA 3:26 pm — Aida and I found that “small town America” that Sarah Palin is always talking about. Stay tuned for an audio presentation of the real small town values in Newtown, Pennsylvania.


Casa Obama – A Home Away From Home

Casa Obama in West Tampa, FL

Casa Obama in West Tampa, FL

WEST TAMPA, Fla., 12:35 a.m. — Part of Obama’s grassroots strategy in Florida is to get minorities – especially the Latino community to get out and vote.

A seperate campaign office, known as Casa Obama was opened this year in West Tampa to support this effort.

As we walked in, the volunteers, had sent out canvassers to go door to door to make sure people were voting, and some, were even taking them by the hand to an early voting location at the West Tampa Library. Continue reading