As ‘Change’ Wave Sweeps Country, Omaha Still Too Close to Call

Posted, 1:02 p.m. EST — It’s still too close to call whether Barack Obama will snag the Omaha area’s one electoral vote.

the Omaha area, Missouri and North Carolina.  Photo/FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM

Still undecided: the Omaha area, Missouri and North Carolina. Photo/FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM

Of course, it won’t technically matter because Obama now is estimated to have 349 Electoral College votes, according to major news organizations.  A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

Nebraska allots its five Electoral College votes proportionally, a system that makes it differ from all other states except for Maine.

As of Wednesday afternoon, races had been called in most of the state’s precincts.  John McCain won four of Nebraska’s five electoral votes.

In the 2nd Congressional District, which overlays the core of the Omaha metropolitan area, things were different: Residents of the city of Omaha chose Obama 51 percent over 48 percent for McCain.

Residents of suburban Sarpy County, which makes up a small, but not inconsequential, part of the 2nd Congressional District, chose McCain over Obama.

As of early this morning, McCain led Obama by 569 votes out of more than 260,000 cast, when considering votes from the entire congressional district

According to the Web site Neither Obama nor McCain has won Nebraska’s 2nd district. It’s extremely close.

Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District and the states of Missouri and North Carolina are the only two areas left to be called by the Web site.


Stay with The Ballot Box ’08 for updates on the Omaha race, and for reaction to the historic race from swing districts across the country.


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