St. Pete, Fla: Prominent Republican is Voting Obama

Posted 5:06 p.m. — Fazal Fazlin, a retired businessman and philanthropist from St. Petersburg, FL has been a longtime member and big donor to the Republican party, but this year he’s had a change of heart.

“I’m a Republican, but I think on the federal level I really got tired of President Bush’s policies in the world,” he said.

Fazlin, who is also a Muslim, feels that the attitude of the Republican party towards Muslims has put “him over the edge.” He said that especially in St. Petersburg, Muslims are leaning towards the Democratic party this year.

“I think the Republican party has energized the muslim party to vote for Obama,” he said.

Fazlin, whose main circle of friends are actually not Muslim, but a mix of people of all backgrounds, said that after he decided to vote for Obama, “many of them followed too.”

Fazlin, whose known in political circles in Florida to throw fundraisers at his estate, offered to use his home for a fundraiser for Obama.

“The more I met the man, the more I liked him,” he said.


Fazal Fazlin discusses his choice for President 2008

Video by Al-Jazeera English


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