Scranton Students Might Just Swing

The University of Scranton's common grounds

The University of Scranton's commond grounds BISCHOF/BALLOT BOX 08

They may disagree on abortion, the foreign experience of Barack Obama, the suitability of Sarah Palin and the health care plans put forward by the two candidates, but Scranton University students all agree on one thing: they care about the 2008 presidential elections.

Students were recently upset by the findings of The Princeton Review which, despite naming it one of the best colleges in America, listed it as the number one politically apathetic university in the States in its “Election? What Election?” rankings.

Listen to the President of the University of Scranton’s student government, Joe Quinn, talk about why he’s still undecided in this election.

This Catholic Jesuit university offers some of the best Masters courses in the country, and its beautiful grounds and well-kept libraries, student grounds and student center keep students suitably content, and if one takes the Princeton Review as fact, distracted from politics.

Not so, say representatives from Students for Life, the College Republicans, the College Democrats and Student Government. Students are enthused, passionate and excited. Fearful and pensive. They’ve registered in record numbers, according to Student Government President, Joe Quinn.

Click here to hear what President of Students for Life, Theresa Hanntz, believes is the biggest issue in this election.

To read the rest of this story and hear what the students have to say, go to Burrogh Beats later this week.



3 responses to “Scranton Students Might Just Swing

  1. I love the audio and video. INteresting balance. I would like to know who did this post. The byline is your brand.

  2. I couldn’t get the audio to play. All I heard was the snap ad.

  3. Hi,

    I fixed the link – it should play fine now – and put in my byline. I’m glad you like the mix, I had a great time collecting everything!


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