Inside Joe Biden’s Childhood Home

SCRANTON, PA 12:15 p.m- Recently Joe Biden came back to his childhood home and visited Ann Kearns. This three story home on 2446 North Washington Avenue has received more media attention than any other family home in Scranton. “This a a picture of Joe going to our third floor,” Kearns said flipping through pictures of the VP candidate who lived here until the age of 10. “He used to write on the walls when he was a kid and we had to paint over it. He would write: Kilroy was here and Joe was here. We reminded him of that when he came. My son stood with a sharpie and told him: Senator we’d love you to write on that wall again and this time we’re not going to paint over it again”

He did. Sen. Biden wrote: “I’m home.”

Listen to Ms. Kearns talk about Biden’s childhood home:



4 responses to “Inside Joe Biden’s Childhood Home

  1. Good work. What did you use to record the sound? Zoom?

  2. Thank you Prof Dinges. I used a Zoom and made a larger audio slideshow on soundslides but I’ll need the school server to upload. We’ll have updates from the Electric City soon.



  3. I LOVE the pictures.
    GREAT JOB!!!

  4. Another fantastic post from this ace reporting team. Just great!

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