Canvassing with the Obama Campaign Team

PHILADELPHIA, 11:57 p.m. — I teamed up today with one of the Obama campaign teams, canvassing  one ward of Metro Philadelphia.  We went to ward 16, division 14, which is one of poor neighborhoods in the town.

It was a whole three hour exercise that involved knocking on doors, distributing information on voter’s rights and urging residents to get out and vote for Obama on November 4th.

Though  the Obama team is aware that  majority of Philadelphia residents trend blue, they are not taking anything for granted. Their major fear  is that Obama supporters might be over confident of winning Pennsylvania and fail to vote on the D-day. “What we are doing now is to ensure that all registered voters supporting Obama come out and vote. We cannot assume that we have it all wrapped up,” Pam Perkins one of the volunteers said.

However, the exercise was received with mixed reaction in the neighborhood.  While some residents welcomed the volunteers, others resented, terming it an interference with their right to choose a candidate of their choice.  Some,   were yet to make up their mind on whether to vote or stay at home on November 4th. The Obama team promised to return to residential houses that had undecided voters.

The team is also accusing the McCain camp of playing dirty politics, misinforming voters in Metro Philly after sensing defeat.  It was a bright sunny day, unlike Saturday which was cold and rainy, perfect for canvassing.



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