I Approve This Message

MEDIA, PA 11:20 a.m. – Last night my 6-year-old niece announced, “I am John McCain, and I approve this message.”  I had little doubt that Pennsylvanians are being deluged with political advertisements and candidate calls, but that certainly confirmed it.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that John McCain is campaigning in Pennsylvania “as if his political life depended on it.”  One anecdote I heard backed that up – Media resident Rebekah Patton, 28, said that her home answering machine is filled with Republican representatives encouraging her family to vote and advocating McCain policies. Patton is voting for Obama, but other members of her household are registered Republicans.

An Obama volunteer said that their campaign has worked hard to identify undecided voters, and is directing their calling efforts that way.

I am heading first to a nearby diner and then to local farm and market Linvilla Orchards for a Halloween costume parade.  A local paper reports that thousands are expected to attend the parade; I hope to find out if the thousands of political advertisements and phone calls hitting Pennsylvania have been a deciding factor for voters.



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