Hillary Clinton: Omaha Could Decide Election

Hillary Clinton told a crowd of 3,000 in Omaha Tuesday that the entire presidential election could hinge on the city’s one electoral vote.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

“How will you feel when we wake up on Wednesday, November 5th, the day after the election, and John McCain and Barack Obama are tied?” Clinton was quoted in the Omaha World-Herald as asking the crowd at the Qwest Center Omaha.

“Well, your vote can make a difference in Nebraska, and Nebraska can make a difference in this election,” Clinton was quoted in The World-Herald as saying.

Clinton spent the day in the city, which has suddenly popped up on Democratic radar as polls show Barack Obama within striking distance of John McCain.

Nebraska has not given an electoral vote to a Democrat since 1964.

The World-Herald reports Clinton also spoke to a local girls’ charity group, Girls’ Inc., and attended a morning fundraiser at the home of Susie Buffett, daughter of legendary Omaha investor — and Obama supporter — Warren Buffett, the world’s richest person.

Suddenly, this city matters politically.  Reports The World-Herald:

The idea of a tie in the race has been bandied about by some political pundits, who say anything can happen in this year’s tight presidential election. In the event of a 269-269 electoral tie, the U.S. House of Representatives would choose the president.

“As the polls show, this is going to be a close race, and Nebraska is poised to put Senator Obama over the top,” Clinton said.


Source: Omaha World-Herald


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