Hillary Clinton Visits Omaha Today

Sen. Hillary Clinton will hold a rally in Omaha today for Barack Obama.  This is on the heels of Sarah Palin’s Oct. 5 visit to this possibly up-for-grabs city.



Nebraska allots three of its five electoral college votes proportionally, and this year is the first year since 1964 one of those votes — that of the 2nd Congressional District, which overlays the core of the Omaha metropolitan area — is in play.

Clinton will speak at the 19,000-seat Qwest Center; Palin spoke at the 2,500-seat Music Hall of the Omaha Civic Auditorium, though crowds estimated at more than 6,000 snaked around the block trying to get in to see Palin.

In February, Obama drew 10,000 people to a Omaha rally.

The Obama campaign in Omaha has three offices with 15 paid staffers, according to the campaign.  The McCain campaign has no offices in the city, and is instead relying on Republican volunteers.

Recent polls indicate the race within Omaha is tied.


Source: Omaha World-Herald


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