Another Sign Omaha Teetering Toward ‘D’ Column

The National Republican Congressional Committee announced today it would send more than $485,000 into Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District race — the core of the Omaha metropolitan area — signaling the party could be worried a long-time incumbent is at risk of losing his seat.

Rep. Lee Terry

Rep. Lee Terry

The congressional district — solidly Republican in presidential elections since 1964 — has been reported to be a toss up in the presidential election between Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama.  Recent polls show the presidential race is leaning toward McCain, but is near to the margin of error.

In another sign Democrats are targeting Omaha, Obama has three offices in Omaha with 15 paid staffers; McCain has no offices and relies on Republican volunteers.

Incumbent Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.) is in an apparently tough race against Democratic challenger Jim Esch.  The Lincoln (Neb.) Journal Star reported on Aug. 18 that Esch trailed Terry by only one percentage point in a poll the newspaper cited.

Jim Esch

Jim Esch

Terry, who was first elected in 1998, also faced Esch in the 2006 election.  He defeated Esch by 10 percentage points.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee also has poured money — more than $400,000 — into the district, which encompasses the core of the Omaha metropolitan area.


Sources: Omaha World-Herald, Lincoln Journal Star


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