Swing State Update: Murtha Apologizes, McCains in Penn, U of Nebraska rejects Ayers

McCain and Obama supporters this week.

McCain and Obama supporters this week.

In Pennsylvania

After intense controversy and web outcry, Democratic Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania has apologized for his comments on Wednesday that “Western Pennsylvania is a racist area.”

John and Cindy McCain will be in Pennsylvania for campaign rallies and stump speeches on Monday and Tuesday, hitting Bucks County, Bensalem, and Harrisburg, among other places.

A longtime Republican State Senator, James J. Rhoades, died in a car accident on Saturday. He was 66.

In Florida

The Republican Jewish Coalition launched an aggressive $1 million cable TV advertisement today, airing in Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, that attacks Barack Obama for his foreign policy stance, particularly for saying that he would meet with hostile foreign leaders without preconditions.

Barack Obama is campaigning in Florida today with Hillary Clinton, encouraging early voting and to beware last-minute attacks.

In Nebraska

The University of Nebraska has withdrawn a speaking invitation to Bill Ayers, citing “safety reasons.” The initial invitation drew considerable online criticism.

Photo Credits: Richard Perry and Damon Winter for New York Times


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